19 April 2014

Running: Blenheim Palace

As many of my readers may know, I had back surgery to correct my wonky spine in October 2012. I was told that I was unlikely to be able to return to the gym for a year and running was out of the question until my spine had fully fused and healed. Having not done any sport since leaving school, I fully relied on the gym to keep me in shape both physically and mentally, so hearing this news wasn't really what I wanted to hear.

However, much to everyone's surprise I made a very quick recovery and was back in the gym in the new year of 2013. Something that's taken time though, is running. Having been going to the gym for weeks from January 2013 onwards I thought it was about time to try running on the treadmill to see how it felt. I lasted about 3 minutes before tears were leaking out the corners of my eyes. Every time my foot impacted the treadmill belt a shock was sent down my spine and it felt like each vertebrae was compounding the next.

So after that terrible affair I decided to leave the running out of my workout (for the next year...) which was convenient, because who even likes running! It was only until about 3 months ago when I needed to let off some steam that I decided to go for a run, outdoors, in the pouring rain. There's something quite empowering running through a downpour, mud splashing up your legs, face being whipped with water and wind, call me crazy but I quite enjoyed it. I lasted about 30minutes before my back was in pain but I was happy with the progress.

Yesterday I decided to go for another run as it was such a beautiful day. If you ever find yourself in Oxford you must visit Blenheim Palace. Besides it being horrifically expensive to get in, it's the most picturesque, beautiful place I've been. I went there with my boyfriend for one of our first dates to frolic around in the sun and since then I love the place.

In all its glory
I ventured down with my mum and brother and whilst they walked I set off a faster pace, hoping to lap them on the way round the park. The terrain is up and down, with grass, gravel and tarmac meaning it's never boring. There are monuments and lakes to look at whilst you're sweating away and many, many tourists. Overall I managed a pathetic 5km but at least I did it and with no painful repercussions. Next I will attempt 10k!
Just having a little frolic in front of the palace

Hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend!

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