20 June 2014

day 1 / 12

I am currently sat on a terrace, overlooking the beautiful town of Sant Carles in the North East of Ibiza. I'm here on a retreat, assisting Vicki Edgson with all things healthy! 

I arrived yesterday afternoon with no troubles at all; I had a Wagamamas once I'd checked in, I wasn't sat next to a screaming baby on the plane and the flight flew by (ha ha). I arrived to a very tanned and uber relaxed Vicki and was whisked away to the hills to meet the guests. 

The retreat is a week long. I'm seeing the end of the first week and the whole of the second week, as well as staying on a few days extra after both retreats are over. The first week consists of 5 women, who are all here for the same reasons; to lose weight, to have fun and most of all, to learn. Being healthy consists of much more than just your physical state. It involves your mind, your wellbeing and your vitality, all of which are incapsulated in a week away with Vicki. 

Today is my first day, but the guests of week 1's last day, so we started our Friday by wandering around Ibiza Old Town and doing a spot of shopping - very healthy I know!!

This is my 11th time in Ibiza and yet I am still so moved when I walk around the Old Town. It's so beautiful with lots of old Spanish folk meandering up and down the cobbled streets, nattering away. It's still really unspoilt, with very little "tourist-y" parts. 

Something Ibiza is known for, besides the clubbing, is white linen. Every street you turn down there is a linen shop that sells the most gorgeous lace, crochet and hand crafted linen clothes. Naturally I had to buy an over sized linen and lace shirt, a steal at 23 euros!

After a tiring morning in sweltering heat we were definitely ready for a big lunch. For the retreat Vicki hires a chef and person friend called Ema. When I say he cooked up a storm, oh my god, is the only phrase that describes it. 

If you're after any of the recipes or you're intrigued further, please contact me on my ask box and I'll answer any questions when I get access to my computer again. But for now, it's time for dinner after some yoga, and tomorrow we say goodbye to this group and say hello to a new group. 

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