23 June 2014

Ibiza Pt. 2

Saturday was absolutely crazy. It was change over day and the amount of rushing around we did was ridiculous. The last group left and within 3 hours the villa had been transformed from a messy and dirty house to a clean and tranquil haven. By the time the new set of guests arrived Vicki and I were showered and dressed, helping the chef cook a delicious lunch.

Rainbow Salad
Spelt Bread
After a late and lazy lunch the guests retired to their rooms for siestas or to unpack before an hour of yoga at 7pm.

Yesterday we had an early morning hike across the hills which was absolutely breathtaking. We didn't come across anyone else, all you could hear was birdsong and to top things off, the instructor had a dog and we all know how much I love dogs.

The photos say it all really. Now I've done my social media for the morning so I'm off to lie by the pool as I have the villa to myself in order to top up my tan. As if I'm being paid for this eh?!

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